HTTPS Encryption now enabled site wide.

Https encryption is now available site wide, you may however experience some warnings about mixed content of non https linked images, but for logging in etc everything will pass through https

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Forum Cleanup

So the forum has been succesfully been converted and at the moment there needs to be some prunning, spam has been rampant on the old mybb forums and we need your help to try and combat the spam. If you’re able to report the spam posts and topics that will be a great help and I’ll deal with it as much as I can.

Thanks for your patience with us as we try and update the infrastucture.

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Forums are back up

The forums are live again at Thanks for being patient.

Some things maybe broken still in the forum due to the mybb to invision community migration, such as avatars etc but it should work.

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Welcome to the new refreshed home of

Sorry if things look a little bare, still adding things, forums are up though

I’ll be editing throughout the day and tweaking as we go along.


Seems I fucked up in my block config for the forums, it isn’t displaying right, but I assure you everything has been converted to the new platform, logins should work for the forums, as for the main page, going to switch to a more static solution over the weekend, and our github is still available

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