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Full Version: Slow speed up
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Firstly, I'd like to say that I'd post this topic as a question on "vba-m general" if there was any, this forum is the closest match I found for my problem.

Anyway, I have issues with speed up option. It is... slow. Every time I use it I get a rise form 100% to something around 120%, loosing smoothness in the process (as though I set up frame skip to something above 6). I tried fiddling with video settings, turnig off filters, lowering screen size, changing video rendering, anything I could think of really, with no effect on speed-up speed.

It IS possible that it's my processor speed that's limiting me, it is not exactly the most powerful thing on the market... But I didn't really expect it to be that bad, VBA 1.7 used to give me constant 800%.

So, is it expected behaviour for my rig? Can other people get significant speed-ups?

Tested on Pokemon Fire-Red and Advance Wars 2. Using newest public release (rev 1149) with WxWidget

[EDIT] Aaaaand I've found the problem. Apparently Wxwidget has trouble with speeding up, MFC version works like charm. If it is not I think it should be listed in one of the readmies.
And, since I can speed up now, the topic can be closed I think. Or whatever.
its plastered all over the forum that Wx builds are for testing only.

and one should always check file release dates when downloading them
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