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Full Version: XBCD on ePSXe with an Xbox 360 USB - HELP!
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So basically I was using a wired xbox 360 controller to play games on my ePSXe emulator. The controller worked perfectly but there was no force feedback. I've now installed XBCD and YAY! Force feedback! But unfortunately my analogue sticks won't work now. I have tried everything and still to no avail.

What am I doing wrong?
no idea

post a screenshot of the epsxe pad config

it works here btw.

[Image: f6vte.png]

If it helps any, the options to change the joysticks in ePSXe menu
only picks up my manipulation of the sticks very rarely; seemingly random.
When it does register, it thinks they are the opposite of what they are
marked as in the XBCD menu.

Never mind. I was a complete idiot and didn't have my joy.cpl configured properly. Everything works now.

However on another note, I can't get my controller to work for The Witcher 2 any more. Would I be correct in saying that I have to use the bundled 360ce for a wired Xbox 360 controller or should it be working when I switch XBCD to Xbox 360 Emu?

Oh wait figured that all out too. The Witcher 2 works with X360ce no problem.

Great program; keep up the good work.
that xbcd profile just sets the controller to a compatible state for x360ce.
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