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Full Version: XBCD - Bio Shock Infinite, Just Cause 2
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I used to use the default Microsoft drivers for my wired Xbox 360 USB controller and all modern games worked fine right out of the box.

When I wanted to use the controller to play ePSXe I found I needed to use XBCD so I could set "triggers as split axis".

Now when I want to go back to play modern games such as Bio Shock Infinite no matter what profile I pick from XBCD the game either does not recognize my controller, or it recognizes it but none of the buttons work, or it recognizes it but the buttons are misconfigured.

I was able to get it to the controller to work with Bio Shock Infinite for a few days but I wasn't sure what I changed... so in my curiosity to see if it was the "XBCD 360 Emu" setting I reset the config and now nothing works again.

Help! How can I switch between emulators and modern games? Just Cause 2 doesn't even recognize my controller no matter what profile I pick but the XBCD utility does read my controller.
uninstall xbcd and learn how to use epsxe shark, since you can't even read the threads provided in this board, im not about to hold your hand through setting anything up.
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