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Full Version: Graphic errors on The King of Fighters EX - Neo Blood
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I am having graphic errors on the game The King of Fighters EX - Neo Blood.

Some screens are pixelated and the character, when begins fighting, gets stuck. I mean, I can't shift its position but I can see some random moves on its arms and legs. If this is not understood, I could make a video for showing it.

By the moment I post some images that shows the behaviour:


I am using VBAM GTK v1.8.0.1001 for amd64. I have installed it with the .deb package provided in the sourceforge project page this one

I am using OpenGL as rendering method, and the filter for fullscreen hq2x. My video card is a Nvidia 9500GT 1GB using the propietary drivers from Nvidia.

This is all. If any further information is needed, please, let me know.
I have reason to believe that the EU dump of this game that you have obtained is actually missing data / underdumped.
Confirmed bad dump
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