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Full Version: Tearing and overlapping (Screenshots included)
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Is it normal to get tearing and overlapping issues with the latest VBA M (1197)?

Here are 2 examples.
This isn´t just for this game or this particular sprite.
It happens very often.

I am not sure if it´s normal, i haven´t really cared, but it´s starting to get irritating when it´s flickering (overlapping and getting back to normal fast).
you might have stumbled on a bug introduced by my magic numbers fix for duke nukem, or it could be crappy emucr builds..

more likely the single line change though.

i don't see this happening on my own builds........

is this windows or linux?
It´s windows.

I downloaded from Sourceforge latest.

And it did fix a certain problem i had in the earlier version.

It was that 1 height of a pixel at the bottom, across the entire width of the screen was, well wrong. It seemed to differ from games though, but in that game (in the screenshots), it was right over the white overlay (where sword etc is) and that 1 pixel height would be from a certain map and be stuck there. And it could change if i moved into a house etc (scene change, tile change etc maybe). Anyhow, that seemed to be solved.

But i have had that overlapping issue a long time i think.
latest build on sourceforge is 1149

though a patch to fix some cgb rendering issues has been introduced since then.

the only time i see something remotely similar to whats in those screenshots is when i force the game to run in DMG/Gameboy mode.

When i load up Sourceforge it says:

Looking for the latest version? Download VisualBoyAdvanceM1097.7z (1.0 MB)

Can you link me the correct version?


Found it!

But what is: cgb rendering?
Should i wait for a new revision with the that fixed?
1149 was uploaded, but the default flag hadn't saved so it wasn't being shown as the recommended download for windows.

can you provide a save state in that general area with chomp, the issue might only be present when walking him.
Ah that explains itSmile

But well i got the 1149 and went to the place where i find it easiest to produce the problem (ghosts) and well i got it.

I did a save state for you.

The game is, Legend of Zelda Link´s Awakening v1.2.(if the version matters).

Where you able to reproduce the problem?

It´s not there ALL the time, but if you watch the ghost, (easiest with the biggest) it will happen from time to time. You don´t really need to wait, it´s maybe normal for 1-2 sec, then flicker with overlapping/tearing, then it can be normal 1 sec etc, don´t know what it depends on, but i think it has to do with where everything else is placed (Sprites etc).
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