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Full Version: Monster Rancher Advance 2
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Hi, I'm using SVN1149 and I can't seem to get any gameshark codes to work in Monster Rancher Advance 2. I'm using the US version of the game.

The codes I'm using are the "must be on" and "never retire" codes listed here. But none of the other codes listed worked either.
I've tried codes from other sources as well, including a cache from a really old version of the gameshark website.

I have cheats ENabled and I think I'm entering everything correctly... Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!
Try this one!


Are codes are in Codebreaker format. Some of them are using Action Replay version 1 or 2, but this emulator was never support AR V1/V2 anymore or just removed by Forgotton.... Sad I hope future version of VBA-M will return it back this code format! Smile
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