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Full Version: XBCD doesen't work - what's wrong?
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Hi. I just got my wired Xbox 360 Controller, original from MS. I installed XBCD (using Admin rights, because I have Win7 64bit), downloaded settings from internet and my controller appear and I can map buttons. So i want to sprint in Assassins Creed 2 using not A button, but Left trigger. So I clicked on button A, selected Record, pressed LT, and copied x360ce.ini and all of xinputs files to AC2 folder where exe files are. But that didn't work, controlls were the same. So I left the ini in the AC2 folder and tried to copy xinputs one by one, first from 64bit, then from 32bit. Nothing works! What am I doing wrong?
the version of x360ce included is no longer supported.

im also considering removing it and the app to reduce installer size and creating a shortcut to the google project page.[/code]
So, could you tell me please, how do I get it to work?
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