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Full Version: VBA-M Not working on OSX- El Capitan?
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Hey guys! New here! I love VBA and I appreciate what work the creators have put into making it great. I'm not sure if this is the correct section of the forum (forgive me), but I don't think VBA works for mac (el capitan). Everytime I try to open VBA is immediately crashes. Ive tried anything I've seen on youtube videos and general googling. I have also seen others say it does not work for el capitan. Can anyone confirm it does not or is it possible some of my settings are wrong? I used to have VBA for my windows computer and it still works on it, thats why I'm assuming it doesn't work for my brand of computer. Any help will be appreciated, thanks guys.
I am experiencing the exact same problem by the sounds of it. as soon as i try to load a rom, it crashes - "VBA-M quit unexpectedly".
I've been playing around with the preferences, and if I enable full screen mode and then load a rom, my screen goes black and the audio for the game (pokemon) starts playing, and pressing A skips the into music. so the game is responsive... don't really know what this means but it's a sign the vba works to some extent on el capitan.
OP did you find a solution? Would love some help Smile
Atm the only mac I have to even attempt anything is entirely shit. old Mac Mini 2006 model, so hard at the moment to provide fixes for the platform for the time being.
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