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Full Version: Annoying sound in the background + audio recording
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I was playing pokemon fire red on the VBA emulator the other day with one of my friends on skype when suddenly i hear this drilling/buzzing sound over the music. So i thought it must be from my friends house so i ignored it. Then he had to go but it was still there and coming from my game. It almost sounds like a drill.
So could anyone please tell me how to fix this problem?

I also found 1 solution but dont quite understand it if anyone could explain it to me:
what I did was save in-game, restarted VBA with the pokemon ROM, and loaded the save file in-game. then I saved that as SGM

Audio recording:

-Thanks already
Love that i have 162 views on this post but no replys in nearly a month and when i posted on the steam community within a hour 10 replies and on reddit the same Tongue
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