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Full Version: Board IRC Client
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As you can all see, i've installed an IRCClient onto the board, this client uses Java.

To make use of this client, you must add your login info into the IRC fields in your profile.

This should allow those who have never used IRC before to get into the beta chats and discuss.
Cool idea squall. Java clients suck compared to the real deal Tongue, but they sure do make life easier for those just wanting a quick peak and those who are not familiar with IRC...or lazy people like me who don't want to join a different server Tongue.
Awesome. I just tried it out and it seems cool. Nobody was chatting at the time though.
Question, what server and channel? ^^

I'm kinda too lazy to keep the browser open when wanting to chat ^^

And I kind of think I haven't installed Java. (checks) Yeah I was right, I haven't, and I'm too lazy to do this because I don't use it for anything atm, so... Well you get the picture.
irc.freenode.net (or .com) and channel is #vba-m
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