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Full Version: Firefox 3 Download Day
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Hi there!

If you didn't know yet, Firefox 3 will be released today.

The Firefox team wants to set a new world record in terms of download count, so please download the new Firefox 3 TODAY as soon as it is released.

its been sitting in the main ftp folders since a few hours already, if you dont see it yet available to download ;P
It always sites there for around 12-18 hours till its mirrored everywhere, then its announced and made visible to people for regular update. Wink


Clean installer for the US English version of Firefox 3.0
Well, the world record download count is only measured from the front site.

I'm already surfing with FF3 and it's great.
Only the realtime count, yes (the actual count at the end of the day will likely include the numbers from the FTP as well that were grabbed starting from the same time as the counter)
But do they also count downloads of the 3.1 or 4 prealphas?
Minefield is good to me, so far.
Only 3.0 and only since the counter started (whether from the known Mozilla mirrors or ftp)
I already downloaded it, nice update Smile
Been using it regularly since beta4.
Well, since I use online banking I want a secure browser so I waited for the stable release.
Spacy, i was under the impression that java se is the applet of choice for banking.
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