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Full Version: Codebreaker
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I'm playing FE 6 (English trad version) and i'm trying to put some code with codebreaker but VBA says to me that the code isnt for this game. i searched on other forums and it appears that the codebreakers version must be at least at 1.1. Is your get it ?
Try to do what i do use vba 1.0.8 for cheats (or the other both are good and have same compatibility) save ingame battery (dont use snap) with all the things from the cheats and ready use that save on vba m is the only way around.
Version differences.
1.0.7 gamesharks codebreaker work perfect.
1.0.8 gamesharks codebreaker and action replay v3 work perfect
vba m up to r500 gameshark and codebreaker work fine action replay codes work random
vba m up to r800 gameshark and codebreaker work fine,action replay wont work at all
vba m up to 2.0 beta gameshark and codebreaker breaked some will work others wont,action replay completelly broken wont work.
This is what i have figured out so use vba-m bellow r500 or use the original for the action replay support that got lost and broken in code rewrite
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