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Full Version: Pokemon Gold / Crystal / Silver - Clock fix
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If you've played any of these games with 1.7, you will notice that the Clock information is usually incorrect, This is not fixed by simply resaving the file in 1.8 or VBA-M this is caused by the Sram+RTC code not being complete in 1.7, to fix this you have to open the battery in a hex editor, then delete 0x30Bytes(48Bytes) from 0x00007FD0 - 0x00008000, this will take the file back to 32,768Bytes, when you load it into 1.8 (VBA-M) it will tel you it can't load RTC information, just ignore this, then reset the clock on the load screen,

the clock will now work perfectly.
Thank you, I will most likely code a generic patch for those that are technically inept to do such things...
And here is the binary and source code.

Should be very obvious in how to use it.
Good work Mudlord.
once i download the pokehack.zip file, the archive is corrupt.
Clear your cache, or use a better browser.
Squall source zip works, but the binary zip doesn't. im using firefox 3.5.2 by the way.
it must be related to the bug with 7z files. it only happens when transferring via http.
(08-24-2009 03:10 AM)aceloop Wrote: [ -> ]Squall source zip works, but the binary zip doesn't. im using firefox 3.5.2 by the way.

Same here with same browser version.
Could anyone fix the pokehack.zip?
Still doesent work in Firefox 3.5.5 or explorer 8
it can be obtained from emuforums..... or use a unpacker that supports unpacking incomplete zip files.

kidding i could fix the code

it worked thanks

im using google chrome it works fine
nothing to do with chrome, the issue causing corrupt zip files was fixed ages ago.
An easy way to fix this is to simply using the native reset time code used by the game,i dont remember the site to get the code because is unique to each person but it depends on money and trainer id and pressing some button combination instead of hex edit.
Thats what i did when the rtc clock got corrupted on gold and the codes are for gold/silver/crystal
In this page you can learn how to reset time
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