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Full Version: VBA-M 2.0 Starting From Next Beta or SVN Build 64-Bit Perminent Revival
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I talked about this in a later SVN release already but it's now time to make it a proper feature request in the request forum.

All our old crusty faithful XP and Vista machines after 10 years of being used most of the time all day are all starting to blue screen so we are all now having to buy new Macs and Windows 10s to replace this old useage damaged 10 year old 32-Bit hardware.

Since now in 2016 all these new systems now run on the back in 2009 and 2013 so obscore that the only way to get it on your PC was to install it yourself if your hardware supported it 64-Bit OS versions which are now the default and no longer the rarity and have backwards compatibility with the 32-Bits.

But having the 64-Bit versions revived especially for the new computers in mind means more power to go towards system perfect emulation accuracy as well as being able to run all the fancy screen plugin effects that makes it look like a 19" real GBA screen without slowdowns happening on your almost system perfect emulation whilst you would get a few slowdowns on a 32-Bit version if you had effects and perfect emulation at the same time even on your 64-Bit machine due to it not taking advantage of our extra 32-Bit's worth of CPU grunt.

Yeah, I feel the time for a 64-Bit VBA-M revival is now so I can rock it on my new 64-Bit hardware archietecture on a native version that takes advantage of all my extra power.

I respected the opinion to remove it when 64-Bit was a rarity but now that it's the norm I really would like to see it revived as soon as possible either by 2.0 Beta 4 or the next SVN as an extra download option.
My Win10 is getting BSOD more often than my XP though Big Grin

Anyway, i don't think there will be much difference in emulation performance between 32bit and 64bit, but not sure about plugins though.

And a 32bit programs can still use 64bit registers with an extra byte in the opcode Smile
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