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Full Version: LIRC support
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attached is a patch to add LIRC support. it might be a bit buggy i don't know im a self taught programmer i have it working alright. any mythtv user will love this patch added (and that's y i coded it - i wanted it Smile )

i used LIRC documentation and code customized from MUPEN64PLUS ( there code looks nearly exactly like LIRC Documentation ) and added anything i could find code for in your emulator

and each state #

.patch file

just use --with_lirc when you call cmake

hope you like it
Odd, I don't see the patch attached, but thanks anyway.

Any chance you can post it on rapidshare or somewhere like that?
its posted there the link is "lirc.patch" it isn't very visible on these forums but it was in the 1st post
Thanks, just noticed it.

Thanks for submitting btw Smile
i'll add bold/underline to links
Hm, very interesting idea. Since I got quite a few remotes lying around, maybe I could do the same thing for the Windoze/MFC build.
Support added to SDL version.
i might be wrong but i think you missed 3 functions. did a quick diff look and there not in sdl.cpp
Your right. Damn Windows port of patch.......*shakes fist*
Okay, I'm committing my changes to SVN now....
so what does this do exactly?
oh, random useless features then eh.

when do we get back to fixing the real bugs? lol.
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