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Full Version: grey link function on Loz
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I'm trying to play Loz:four swords and have tried various versions of both vbam and dolphin. In most of them i can get player 2 to connect but not player one. I've changed the controller on dolphin to GBA and the inputs on 1&2 of the two VBAM windows. On most the versions of VBAM The "link" drop down is grey. Also when I start some versions say "Joybus host invalid;disabling" even on player 2 (which works). I'm guessing I have an IP setting wrong ( is mine[/align] instead of the usual But after 4 hours of trying I'm looking for help.
As i remember it worked well on vba-m svn1030e https://www.dropbox.com/s/l2vn877z7duckt...M1030e.zip
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