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Full Version: Settings for Smooth Framerate?
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What's the best way to deal with the jerky framerate/microstuttering?
Fps is 100% and I'm running a core i5 4670k, but the jerkiness is really distracting when scrolling.
Hmm, awfully quiet around here. This has been an issue for me with gameboy advance/color emulation across multiple hardware iterations, and it seems to be a common issue for others as well.

So what's the deal here? Why is it that I can run many other system emulators just fine (Dolphin, Project64, Pcsx2, Snex9x) but I have to sift through a few different gameboy emulators to get something that still isn't very smooth?

I've tried vba, tgb, kigb, play guy, what is it about these mobile system emulators that seems to be incompatible with a smooth framerate?
your computers refresh rate.

most recent screens are 59.94 tv timing, and the emulated gameboy hardware is 59-61hz variable
Shouldn't vsync helped if it's related to refresh rate?
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