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Full Version: missing "toogle menu" option
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in the original version made by forgotten,
pressing ESC made the menu appearing , which was convenient in full screen mode.
Now pressing ESC, just switch to window mode, and I don't like that very much. At least if I could get the window "maximized" when pressing ESC this would be better, but this just doesn't work this way ...

Is there a way to get my menu back in full screen mode ?
And the option to make it appear/disappear, just like before ....

Right now the menu can't be displayed in fullscreen mode due to issues with GDI. it's basically impossible.

I don't recall the exact reason why... try doing a search here and at zsnes' forum. there's a topic on VBA-M there that's pretty extensive. doing a search there would probably turn up the exact reason why.
The implementation of the menu caused Vsync and Triplebuffering to fail in both D3D and OpenGL, resulting in screen tearing.

DDraw was unaffected.
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