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Full Version: Throttle doesn't make anything
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first, please forgive me my bad english I'm French D:

I have downloaded yesterday VisualBoyAdvance M (v2.0.0.0) and the emulation is perfect (sound, video etc better than the ancient versions) but there is one thing that disturb me : when i modify the throttle, whatever the value, it doesn't make anything !
The speed up toggle is working correctly and the "turbo mode" (speed up constantly) too, but when i play GBA games i like to play at 200% or 300 speed (because i know the games by heart you know, 100% is boring).

Here is my vbam.ini :
[Image: 572522ini1.jpg]
[Image: 280093ini2.jpg]
[Image: 336518ini3.jpg]

Have you an idea of what's wrong in my configuration ? Ancient versions's throttle is working correctly but the sound and video quality is really lower than the version and i don't want to use them...

I hope you can help me ! I can show you the different options of my emulator if the .ini isn't enough.

Bye !
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