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Full Version: Configurable Autofire
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I just bought a Logitech Rumble Pad 2 today with 12 programmable buttons.

So using a gamepad...and then wanting autofire having to quickly drop it and grab the keyboard and press ALT+1 and then quickly unpress it again and pick up the gamepad is a little annoying/impossible to get right.

So would it be possible to make the autofire settings configurable aswell? So that I could set autofire to one of my unused buttons?
For most games it's not such a problem...but for a game like Medabots RPG it's virtually a requirement when doing the races.
The SDL version already has configurable autofire (for A and B). I don't have windows development tools, so I didn't add it there. But it shouldn't be hard (for somebody who does work windows).
Ah. In that case it would be awesome if someone could also add it to the windows version.

Another idea might be to also add either an option where you can set a button either to a specific option or the slightly harder one of where a button would set to create a savestate and the consecutively another after that...so let's say that you press the button 10 times, it basically moves from slot 1-10 and creates a state in each one and will then cycle back to slot 1 and repeat the process.
Perhaps I should make a different thread for this though.
There's already a feature like this in the windows version:

File > Save Game > Oldest slot
Yeah but nothing which allows autofire via a button other than Alt+1 or save other than Shift+F#slot. Being able to set those to a controller or at least a closer keyboard button would be awesome.
Well it seems that thanks to the 3rd party gamepad app Xpadder which I am sure most of you know, I am able to configure my gamepad buttons to support both autofire and making save states (Full save state cycle rotation on one gamepad button).
So thanks to Xpadder I have gotten essentialy exactly what I want on my gamepad.
It would however still be awesome if my original suggestions are implemented and I could dispense with Xpadder. I imagine not all people are as ready as I to accept the help of a 3rd party app to perform these tasks.

Just incase someone does not know what I am talking about when I mention Xpadder, here is it's homepage.
i'd much prefer to see configurable turbo fire buttons.
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