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Full Version: Wario Land 3
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Does VBA-M solve the problems in Wario Land 3 where you can't climb some vines? I only use VBA very casually so I don't have any real reason to get VBA-M right now other than to fix some VBA compatibility issues.

I feel scared here, all my bin friends are mods and admins. I'm going to go hide now.Hidewall
Does anybody know how to reproduce that bug? I've seen it in previous versions of VBA, but for some reason, it only happened some of the time, and worked fine other times, and I never figured out why that was.

Oh, and by the way, I don't think this problem is limited to VisualBoyAdvance. I know someone who has a Mac and uses KiGB, and had the same problem. And the only walkthrough on GameFAQs says it happens in No$GMB as well, and this walkthrough was probably around before VisualBoyAdvance was.
Well, the bug originally occurred during my first playthrough, from the beginning to the point after the seeds are planted, so I would have to say after starting a new game.

BTW, what's No$GMB, I've only heard of No$GBA Tongue
No$GMB is by the same author of No$GBA
thibeaz Wrote:No$GMB is by the same author of No$GBA

yep it's his GB/GBC emulator.

I don't recall having any such bug when I play Wario Land 3 on VBA ages ago either...
Oh, the now obsolete one.
its not obsolete, since NOGBA no longer plays GBC games.
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