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Full Version: Simple GUI launcher for Linux/SDL version
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I've been busy hacking VBA[-M] stuff again...

Anyway, I know there's already a GTK+ interface (and the Qt 4 one in development), but since I don't have GTKmm on my system -- nothing else I use needs it -- it's not much use to me. So I've coded my own "interface" (actually, just a fancy launcher for the SDL version) that I can use on my own system, and I figured I'd share if anyone else has any use for it.

  • Written in Python (PyGTK)
  • Simple interface -- single window
  • Compatible with both VBA-M and original VBA
  • Allows adding cheats with VBA-M
  • Remembers last selected ROM, cheat codes

Dunno if this would be much use in the VBA-M tree, since there's already a GTK+ interface (and Python + PyGTK = extra dependencies), but this seemed the most relevant forum to post it under, and I figure there's probably somebody else who would find this useful... at the very least it's a quick way to launch ROM's without having to go through the full VBA interface.

Releasing as GPL'd (version 2). The file paths are UNIX-specific but it shouldn't be hard to tweak for other systems.

EDIT: Updated with minor interface tweaks, support for enabling/disabling cheats.

Screenshot: [attachment=62]
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