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Full Version: A single "Open game..." dialog...
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...rather than 3 ;p

As I posted on emuforums:

- Merging back the 3 Open dialogs (open gb, open gbc, open gba) into a single open dialog (open game) with 3 selectable gametypes, such as in the old vbas (rare are those leaving games outside of compressed archives, which makes the filetype separation redundant)

IIRC, there was a single dialog box back in the days, dont remember when/why it was slip to 3. Unless it was there in VBA-S' gui, hence why legacied down?
There was always 2.
Open Gameboy

Until the Tabbed Rom browser finds its way in, i prefer it like this as it allows each item to open the folder set in Directories.
the gb one hardly was ever used. the other diaog included them all gametype anyway.

hmm, the set folders things makes sense. How about just inverting the order of the dialogs then? open gba fist, followed by open gbc then open gb?
thats simple to do... i can't since they upgraded the resource file.
Okay, easy. XD
Hm, I do not want to remove the current possibilities to start the "open ROM" dialog from one of the threee predefined ROM folders for every system (GB, GBC; GBA), but I could add a fourth "open ROM" dialog right at the top, maybe call it "quick open ROM" and always start at the last directory where a ROM was loaded from? This way, I could remove the appropriate opion from the Directories dialog. Of course this one will list every kind of supported ROM or archive.

<This idea was stolen from Media Player Classic ^_^>
Have the option toggle the menu's items appearance.
(09-05-2008 09:17 PM)Squall Leonhart Wrote: [ -> ]Have the option toggle the menu's items appearance.

That's also possible, but that might be a little more work, generating and manipulating the menu entries at runtime. In Media Player Classic (and in VLC media player IIRC) it works nicely with several open buttons for idfferent purposes.
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