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Full Version: HW accelerated filters thread
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Rename a shader file to "shader.frag" and place it in the same directory as VisualBoyAdvance.exe. Make sure that the OpenGL renderer is enabled.

Any testing is appreciated.
Rather then loading it by default mudlord, why not add a Shader menu dialogue
Hmmmz, not a bad idea.
Also, allow for no shaders to be loaded. the current example crashes if no shader file is present.
Awesome. D3D HQ Filter VS OGL HW Shader. Blah! Blah!
- D3D HQ4xS
[Image: d3d2ik8.jpg]

- OGL Sharpen
[Image: ogl2mh7.jpg]
its a little to hard imo, it needs to be a little bit softer.
I can't download your file. Someone has mirror?
it was removed.
Looks like I need to make a new compile Tongue
And it won't be a open invitation for laterza to steal a compile. ill make sure of it ^^
Thanks. Welcome back mudlord.
Hi, could you implement this function on the main builds? The gain in speed is really high, as the GPU will do the work and leave the CPU concentrated on the emulation alone.

On the Snes9X emulator, which supports CG files, the difference between using shaders and using the same filter that is built-in the emulator is huge, ~4x faster as a shader on my PC.

I would love to use the newest versions of xBR filter on VBA-M, the last version available as an rpi file is the 3.3.
source changes were lost, and mudlord no longer has any interest in adding them.
I'd love to see xBRZ support as a hardware filter. Great performance and it looks better than any filter out there.



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