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Full Version: Some random patches
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[CORE] Add UPS/PPF patch support
[SDL] Add UPS/PPF patch support
[SDL] Fix memory leak
[by Spacy: Patch applied]

[CMAKE] Fix out-of-source build/install
[by Spacy: Patch applied]

[SDL] Gb sound effects
[by Spacy: Patch applied]

[GTK] Color init change
[by Spacy: Patch applied]

[CORE] Fix small memory leak
[SDL] Fix small memory leak
[by Spacy: Patch applied]
Thanks a lot for your work. The patches are just perfect.
I commited all of them except Gb sound effects and UPS patch support.

I have a question about the Gb sound effects : why stereo is not on by default ?

I'll let the other developers decide whether include UPS and PPF patches support, since we already have IPS support.
(09-14-2008 03:10 AM)bgK Wrote: [ -> ]I have a question about the Gb sound effects : why stereo is not on by default ?
Sometimes stereo is only fake Smile

(08-27-2008 03:03 AM)blargg Wrote: [ -> ]The sound hardware allows each of the four sound channels to be independently positioned in one of three spots: far left, center, far right. Most games put channels in the center, resulting in mostly mono output. The stereo effect moves this center position towards the left/right, differently for each channel. So if you have stereo set to 0.5, you get one channel's center in the actual center, another channel's center somewhat to the left but not all the way, another channel's center somewhat to the right.
Ok, I didn't know. We should probably make that clearer in the configuration file.
Patch commited.
UPS support has been planned since last century, but Nach hasn't gotten around to it. I'd ask him in the IRC channel(If anybody actually shows up there!) before you apply it.
For the people that give a damn, Nach said he will look over the patches >.> Including the core updates for UPS.

UPS support was intended way back, to help Tomato's Mother 3 translation.
Pitman (J) title screen fix
Beetlejuice (U) sound volume fix
MBC1 mapper fix (fixes Super Mario Land 3: Warioland)

[by Spacy: All patches applied in SVN747 by Squall]
Have you discussed with the project admins to get SVN access ?
You really deserve it ...
yeah I have to agree with bgk on that. Spacy or Squall what do you think
I'm waiting on what Chrono would like, but im all for it otherwise. He provides the majority of the core work so far. with Blargg being on the SPUCore side of things.
Of course I have no objections.

anyone chatted with Nach yet about UPS support with chrono's patches....We kinda need it urgently since Tomato has almost finished his translation.
I'll download the latest svn, and apply the ups patch, then gzip it and send it to spacy for compiling, then get tomato to send me a current ups file so i can check it out.
I have problems trying to apply the patch for UPS (probably with the other patch files as well).

I downloaded a windows verison of the GNU "patch" program.
I cd to trunk.
I run patch -p1 0001--CORE-Add-UPS-PPF-patch-support.patch

Nothing happens, but I can input something.

I looked a bit around in the patch file:
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..2c9c270
--- /dev/null
+++ b/src/Patch.cpp
@@ -0,0 +1,464 @@
+// VisualBoyAdvance - Nintendo Gameboy/GameboyAdvance (TM) emulator.
+// Copyright (C) 1999-2003 Forgotten

Is it correct to have /dev/null as an old file or something like that? I don't have much knowledge of diff/patch files, however, it just seems stupid.
It's new file. Smile
here's a random patch moves SDL build to XDG specs (using .config/vbam instead of .vbam)

since i saw gtk build went to this i did up a little patch. prob not perfect but seems to work
(10-16-2008 10:05 PM)chrono Wrote: [ -> ]It's new file. Smile

Hm, same problem, nothing happens. What command would I use to apply the patch if I was on Linux? My directory structure is the same as on SVN.
Copy *.patch into trunk/ and
patch -p 1 < 0001--CORE-Add-UPS-PPF-patch-support.patch
patch -p 1 < 0002--SDL-Add-UPS-PPF-patch-support.patch
patch -p 1 < 0003--SDL-Fix-memory-leak.patch

Patch for SVN
Ah, thank you. I misunderstood the syntax.

Unfortunately, now patch.exe crashes -_-"

"Assertion failed: hunk, file ../patch-2.5.9-src/patch.c, line 354"

I'll see if I can get another version.

Btw, it would be really great if you could create an account on SourceForge so we can directly grant you access to SVN. Would save some work messing around with patch files.

Using TortoiseMerge, patch applied fine. Commited. Now I have to make sure the MFC builds works with it.

I added the following code to make it compile with MSVC:
#ifdef _MSC_VER
#define fseeko64 _fseeki64
#define ftello64 _ftelli64
typedef __int64 __off64_t; // _ftelli64 returns __int64
PPF/UPS patches for game Boktai - The Sun is in Your Hand (CRC: 9686C36B)
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