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Full Version: About VBA-M
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I would like to suggest that the version part of 'About VBA-M' info window is actually used so that reporting may be made easier. Every single VBA-M build sofar has been 1.8.0-SVN.

Well I would like to suggest that the actual SVN version number is added and changed every time. At the moment the only way to tell what you are using is to either name your folder according to the SVN, or search your downloads folder for the last SVN compile you downloaded. It would be much simpler to just check the 'About VBA-M info' window.

The actual exe also still says that it's version which is also entirely unhelpful.

The readme also does not mention which version it is.
The build number thing has been discussed in the past (at the emuforums section).
Additionally, to lift a bit of confusion in the minds of people, raising the internal version number to 1.9 would differentiate it from the 1.8 vba trunk in people's minds (also in preparation for "2.0" ).
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