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Full Version: XAudio2 Interface
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Upon opening a ROM in VBA-M, I get this issue: "The XAudio2 interface failed to initialize!" and after that, there is no audio. All other emulation works fine.

I'd assume its a problem with my own computer, particularly because I had to find and download d3dx9_39.dll to get it to run at all.

Some help would be appreciated.
Yes, download latest DirectX runtime, instead of only the D3DX dll
Not a bug.
You just don't have the Xaudio run time, which is contained within the latest DirectX August 2009 Redist.
I've got the same problem in SVN945 with DirectX August 2009 installed (SVN926 and FBA with XAudio2 enabled work fine). Should I update to Feb 2010 Redist or is it the latest build issue?
Installing the Feb 2010 Redist worked for me.
SVN945 is compiled with a newer Xaudio lib iirc
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