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Here, thou should discuss GAMES.

Any games, pictures of the games, games you are playing, games you did play, games you will, games you hate too.

Currently, I am with Dr. Lobe on my DS Lite


[Image: bbads1.png]
Hmm, for games? Maybe, but I did get better.
I have all the golds~

But I need more platinum and it is hard to get..

Edit; I need to get a platinum in easy for memorization, but it's hard. :V

Edit; Offtopic, "Breakfast-and-Nap!" Ban!
Far Cry. Rox. Playing it through again, still fun. Nothing like sniping people.
Dead Space. Interesting.
Sniping people is a classic pastime.
Yes, and running them over =3
Need for Speed Pro Street.
As much as its not really that good, at least it provides more than the lousy storyline-driven anterior opuses, and in such sense delivers (acceptably in the online).

Otherwise, Soul Calibur 3. Beats the latest Tekkens.
(11-09-2008 10:22 PM)Hard Core Rikki Wrote: [ -> ]Otherwise, Soul Calibur 3. Beats the latest Tekkens.

And SoulCalibur IV is way better than 3 IMO
Need for Speed 4 using the Porsche unleashed render engine Tongue
(11-10-2008 08:30 PM)Squall Leonhart Wrote: [ -> ]Need for Speed 4 using the Porsche unleashed render engine Tongue

Hellz yeah !!!!

I wonder if that will still work in Vista x64...o well I guess I will find out.
I started a phenomena ¯\(°_o)/¯

So I can't advance anywhere past where I am in Big Brain Academy on the DS.

But I'm stacking up medals on the Wii version so it's alright I guess.
Mostly, I have been playing old bomberman.

And I am SO LAME I bring no content to this thread hurr
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