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Full Version: Lufia - The Ruins of Lore glitch
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Version : VBA-M SVN 781
Render : OpenGL

It had glitch on link button.

More glitch.

Little glitch on skill windows.
Known since 58* revisions. Its not specific to OpenGL by the way, and shows only for texts, even without filters.
Thanks for reporting.
It exists in SVN451 as well.
It was even there before SVN368, whre jbo_85 optimized some stuff in the renderers.

I looked closely at the produced results, and for me it looks as if horizontal or vertical mirroring is not applied to tiles when transfered from char base to BG2 (mode0).
Moreover, it seems to occur randomly when switching from one game menu into another or back.

It's fine in VBA 1.7.2
It's fine in VBA 1.8.0 beta 2 (December 20 2004)
It's broken in VBA 1.8.0 beta 3 (October 1 2005)
-> broke between 1.8.0 beta 2 to 3
I just tryied it out, the issue was caused by one of the commits from June 25, 2005:

EDIT: Unfortunately, I can't find the error myself.
I'll attach two versions of the VBA CVS source code:
- VBA_good.7z: the last version without the issues mentioned above
- VBA_bad.7z: one day later, where the issues first appeared.

I also attached a patch file from good to bad.

Compare both source trees with WinMerge or a similar tool and please post if you found the issue.
Spacy, try enabling Mirroring in the game overrides menu.
Does not help.

[Please have a look at my editoed post above: http://vba-m.com/forum/lufia-the-ruins-o...ml#pid2620 ]
Check GBA.cpp Line 155 and lower. heavy changers were made to OBJTiles and some stuff probably GBA GFX related.
The problem does not occur when Bilinear is disabled.

OK, it does, but i had it working without the problem a second ago.
As I said, the issues occur random, so I reommend switching between the main menu & the continue menu several times to make sure no issues occur. It would be great if somone could show this thread to people like chrono wo seem to be up to the task.
This issue has been fixed in revision 1191. The cause was cpuDmaHack on unmapped reads.
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