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Full Version: VBA Emulater for Wii problem
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I cannot load any of my saves, I save the filesnapshot it says it saved but when I go to load it says state file cannot be found. What can I do? Il post up the info from the xml on settings if it helps

<file version="VBA GX 1.0.5">

    <section name="File" description="File Settings">
<setting name="AutoLoad" value="1" description="Auto Load"/>
<setting name="AutoSave" value="0" description="Auto Save"/>
<setting name="LoadMethod" value="1" description="Load Method"/>
<setting name="SaveMethod" value="1" description="Save Method"/>
<setting name="LoadFolder" value="vbagx/roms" description="Load Folder"/>
<setting name="SaveFolder" value="vbagx/saves" description="Save Folder"/>
<setting name="VerifySaves" value="0" description="Verify Memory Card Saves"/>

    <section name="Network" description="Network Settings">
<setting name="smbip" value="" description="Share Computer IP"/>
<setting name="smbshare" value="" description="Share Name"/>
<setting name="smbuser" value="" description="Share Username"/>
<setting name="smbpwd" value="" description="Share Password"/>

    <section name="Emulation" description="Emulation Settings">
<setting name="Zoom" value="0" description="Zoom On/Off"/>
<setting name="ZoomLevel" value="1.00" description="Zoom Level"/>
<setting name="render" value="1" description="Video Filtering"/>
<setting name="widescreen" value="0" description="Aspect Ratio Correction"/>

    <section name="Controller" description="Controller Settings">

    <controller name="gcpadmap" description="GameCube Pad">
<button number="0" assignment="512"/>
<button number="1" assignment="256"/>
<button number="2" assignment="16"/>
<button number="3" assignment="4096"/>
<button number="4" assignment="8"/>
<button number="5" assignment="4"/>
<button number="6" assignment="1"/>
<button number="7" assignment="2"/>
<button number="8" assignment="64"/>
<button number="9" assignment="32"/>

    <controller name="wmpadmap" description="Wiimote">
<button number="0" assignment="2"/>
<button number="1" assignment="1"/>
<button number="2" assignment="16"/>
<button number="3" assignment="4096"/>
<button number="4" assignment="512"/>
<button number="5" assignment="256"/>
<button number="6" assignment="2048"/>
<button number="7" assignment="1024"/>
<button number="8" assignment="4"/>
<button number="9" assignment="8"/>

    <controller name="ccpadmap" description="Classic Controller">
<button number="0" assignment="2097152"/>
<button number="1" assignment="4194304"/>
<button number="2" assignment="268435456"/>
<button number="3" assignment="67108864"/>
<button number="4" assignment="65536"/>
<button number="5" assignment="1073741824"/>
<button number="6" assignment="131072"/>
<button number="7" assignment="-2147483648"/>
<button number="8" assignment="536870912"/>
<button number="9" assignment="33554432"/>

    <controller name="ncpadmap" description="Nunchuk">
<button number="0" assignment="131072"/>
<button number="1" assignment="65536"/>
<button number="2" assignment="16"/>
<button number="3" assignment="4096"/>
<button number="4" assignment="2048"/>
<button number="5" assignment="1024"/>
<button number="6" assignment="256"/>
<button number="7" assignment="512"/>
<button number="8" assignment="1"/>
<button number="9" assignment="2"/>

app version="1">
<name>Visual Boy Advance GX</name>
<short_description>GBA/GBC/GB Emulator</short_description>
<long_description>A port of Visual Boy Advance - M to the Wii.</long_description>
This is a known problem with the current version, I've fixed it for the next version. You'll have to wait until I release an update. Until then, you can still use SRAM saves.

This issue has already been posted to the VBA GX site. If you have other problems, please check there at the open issues to see if your issue has already been posted.
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