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Full Version: Mute sound
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In the old VBA, there is a menu option to turn on/off/mute the sound, which can also be bound to a hotkey through Tools/Customize. I know that VBA-M has a more complex audio system, nevertheless the quick muting feature is very convenient and should be put back in VBA-M.
Volume slider antiquated the need for a mute item.

not to mention that it never worked properly anyway.
Well, a sound slider would work fine, too. But the big difference is that the slider cannot (yet) be bound to a hotkey, which is many times more convenient than a menu option.

But what do you mean it never worked correctly? I never had problem with it muting in VBA.
There was issues in how it was muting causing some games to break, which is why it was scrapped in M.

volume up and down controls shant be too difficult to add.
Good to hear that. Look for seeing an easy volumn control in M soon. Personally I think it's a feature that's woefully missing in many emulators.
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