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Full Version: Ask user before creating a new native save file
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The idea is that when I look at my save folder, it is full of save files of games I tested once and never looked at anymore, so I am actually wasting (very little) hard disk space with empty/default save games.

VBA-M should show a message box like "Do you want to create a native save state for this game?" YES | NO | Always/Don'taskagain.
Please provide me with better wordings for the message box.

This message should pop up whenever a new .sav file is going to be created, but NOT when overwriting a .sav file.

We could also query a timer of how long the game has been played and ask if the game was played less than half an hour or so.
A switch for enabling/disabling saving for certain games will also be necessary.
Obscenely Redundant and a waste of coding time.
seriously, if you don't want the rom to save, then read only the folder.
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