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Full Version: VisualBoyAdvance-M 886.1
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ok this is a modification of 886 as I'm not a fan of having my settings in the %appdata% folder (don't worry spacy I didn't send my code in not without consent and also the fact I suck at submiting stuff to svn >_<)
anyways the changelog
Spacy51: Fix file type associations for Windows Vista.
Use Chip-Like icon from shell32.dll for all ROMs. (disabled in my build since for some reason when I regressed some of the changes it broke this. just in my build anyways)
and I also added a digital signature mind you this isn't a verified signature it's one that I generated on my own, once I get the money I will purchase a trusted signature from verisign
Hi Zach, great to see some live on this forums again.

Would you mind compiling this build 886 originally just as spacy51 has created it? Without any changes applied by you?

I can't compile myself, so I hope you consider to do it for the great vba-m community out there Banana_beam_up

This would be just fantastic!!

Best regards,


EDIT: btw, would you all mind having a look @ my suggestions I posted today xD?
Thawte also sells digital signature verification too.

Same quality, except much cheaper.
@Zach: I will add a commandline switch to tell VBA to always use the local directory when creating vba.ini. Or would it be better if VBA-M needs a path at the commandline?
well the commandline should appear something like -portable and followed by a user set directory
Location of the Ini file should be a prompt on first run.
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