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Full Version: More developers required
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The current developers' activity is quite low. We need more developers. If you have some experience, don't hesitate to help us. Even small changes in form of patches are appreciated, as long as they improve the overall code quality and readability.

You are especially of value for this project if you are able to help improve this software in the following fields:
  • Nullsoft Scriptable Install System
  • General Purpose GPU computing
  • Multi-Core CPU development
  • ARM emulation
  • GB/GBA development (for ex. with devKitPro)
hey oddly enough I work with NSIS everyday Smile and c++ I'm working on learning and I am getting better at it. (working on my own port of vba-m in wxwidgets just to have some fun) but yeah I'm willing to help out more
Mud also told me he is able to use NSIS. may the better one of you create a small installer for VBA-M Wink

Maybe we should completely remove the file association option from VBA-M itself and put it into an installer like most apps do?
yeah I could do that and I'm a pro at it since thats what we use at PortableApps.com Wink
I do believe you at one point wanted to try using WxWidgets back when you maintained vba-s, are you still interested in attempting it as a small project with me?
I tossed that idea for whatever reason. I have started creating a basic Qt GUI for VBA-M in /branches/Qt, but stopped working on it when I got stuck on cleanly running the emulation part itself.
spacy whats like the most easiest emu to learn, when i mean easy i mean easy.
well seems the chip8 are what people are saying is the easiest from the other emu boards I seen and been on
I have some experience in php, and people say C++ and php have similar syntax.

I would love to help and improve my programming skills.

What should I do?
Ideally, you need to know C++, specifically the object oriented portions.
Portions like the Qt4 GUI system, new core and things will require a working knowledge of that.
hmm, well I think I'm more confident with my c++ skills that I may attempt to help out where I can
I'm interested in helping out, i have experience with c++, a bit of experience with Qt & can help out with linux builds.
Hello! I may be interested to get involved in your project.
I'm skilled in C, C++ and ASM (if it could be useful), and develop applications on Windows, Linux and Mac.
I want to get a better understanding of emulation process, and helping you may be a good way for it Wink
Actually, I'm working on my own OS, which — if I succeed — will be more or less an hypervisor, where game's OS would be launch as any other OS. That may seem a bit crazy, but even if I don't go that far, I'd have learned a lot.
Well, if you want to get started, better start reading Smile

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