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Full Version: VBA-M doesn't seem to read UPS patch files right
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I'm not sure where to put this bug report, but I'll try here.

I have an IPS and a UPS that both change a ROM image in the EXACT same way. I tested with a hex editor. However, only the IPS, when placed in the appropriate folder, will cause any change in the game when soft-patched.

In this case, it is a English translation patch for Fire Emblem - Fuuin no Tsurugi. The UPS, despite causing the same effect as the IPS when hard-patched, just doesn't seem to be read by VBA-M's soft-patching ability at all. This is strange, because it can read the Mother 3 English translation patch just fine.

And yes, the files are all named correctly.

I have the newest VBA-M (SVN891), but this problem occurred in every version I've ever used.

I took some pictures, though I think they may be useless for this bug. I copied the images from my monitor because, for some reason, VBA-M is crashing when I try to screen capture. The differences in color around the "Press start" is because the green aura flashes as a part of the normal game.
the ups format is at fault.
Could you tell me why that is please? What's the difference between the Fire Emblem patch and the Mother 3 patch that would make one work and not the other?
attach the ups file in a zip (7zip has issues here)
Here. Thanks for checking.
The format is correct.. but it might be a below 1MB thing... will have to check it out some more, might even paste in another 500K of white space into the file to test that....
UPS fix
hmm, it doesn't appear to have fixed anything chrono.
I'm sorry for reviving this old topic, but I have a problem similar to Reynolds' with the same game (Fire Emblem - Fuuin no Tsurugi). I have both SDL and GTK versions of gba-m for linux, but only the SDL version recognizes the .ips file I have. Thus when playing it on the SDL version it is in English, and when playing it on the GTK version it is in Japanese.

The .ips file is in the same folder the game's ROM file is. I've tried changing the ROM directory in the GTK version, but that didn't work.

I'd like to run it on the GTK version if possible, because, well, it has save states and cheats, lol.

The SVN revision I'm using is r1001 I think.
hard patch the rom as Sword of Seals keeping Fuuin no Tsurugi for the unpatched

C. V. Reynolds, it appears to me that you have used 'upset' to create the ups patch from the difference between an clean and patched rom

though even a more correct tool is having problems making compatible autopatching ups files for this game..... hmmm
Thanks, Squall, I did that (actually got an already hard patched from a friend) and it worked.
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