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Full Version: Dump your GBA games with a DS
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You need:
  1. If your flash cart does not support auto-DLDI patching, patch the GBA backup tool manually
  2. Copy GBA backup tool to flash cart
  3. Execute GBA backup tool
  4. Insert your GBA cartridge into Slot 2
  5. Press A
  6. Press R button twice to switch to ROM dump mode
  7. Press B button to dump cartridge ROM to gba file
  8. To dump another game: Press X button and start rom step 4

When you are finished, your dumped gba files are in the 'GBA_Backup' folder on your flash cart.

You can then play your GBA games on your PC using VisualBoyAdvance-M.

Using the same tool, you can also dump your save data from your original GBA cartridges. These can also be used with VBA-M. The tool even allows you to write back save files to your original cartridges.
Dumping a 16 MB ROM takes less than a minute IIRC, smaller games dump faster. You can dump your games one after another without need of a restart. You can later transfer them all at once from your SD memory card to your PC.

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Mind if I add a few more details? It was a little rough getting set up for me since it's hard to find a complete, clear guide on this stuff.

I used the R4i card.
• Download GBA backup tool and R4i kernel (my card was the 2016 version, but at the manufacturer's website it only has the 2017 version of the kernel, it still works)
• Unzip both, copy them to SD card, **only r4.dat file can be in the base/root directory of the SD card**, all the rest should be in their respective folders
○ Wouldn't work when GBA backup tool files were in the root of the SD card. Keep them in the GBA_backup_tool folder
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