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Full Version: VisualBoyAdvance-M (904) Build MFC
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ok folks new release of vba-m is now at hand
Click to download

Spacy51: fix compiling with Windows 7 SDK
Was it really necessary to create a new WIP release just for that minor change?
well that wasn't just why I compiled it, it was also for the change you made for the detection of certain roms. Nn future could you pm me before publicaly whining? (sorry if it sounds harsh that wasn't my intention)
Well, I just wanted to let users know there's no point in downloading the latest WIP and save some traffic.
Also keep in mind the detection tool is just something that was already there, but was not used - and is still not used. It can just be invoked to get help on manually setting the save type. It does not yet change the automatic behavior. I'd still like to know the reason why the original authors did not use it. What problems?
well anyways the download traffic will be on my server anyways so it won't directly affect vba-m.com anyways thanks for the clarification.
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