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Full Version: Enquiry on screen capture control for Mac VBA
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Hello, I'm a Mac OS X user here. I would like to know what buttons do I have to press in order to make screen captures of my game on VBA.
Thank you.
According to /etc/vbam.conf, it should be F12, however it may not work without a few configuration changes. By default the captureDir is commented out in that config file, so it will likely save (I don't know for sure, but I am assuming it does) to ~/.vbam/, you may want to uncomment and change that setting (line 128 of mine) and make sure the permissions are set correctly on the directory.

You can configure the keys in the program while you don't have a rom open. I always set mine to C.
On a similar note, does anyone know how to get to screenshots that you've captured?

Nevermind, I had to go to Library/Application support and so on. duh.
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