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Full Version: Bomberman Max 2
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Bomberman Max 2 (both red and blue versions) don't seem to work with VBA-M. The first menu screen where you select a language appears, but once a language is selected the screen goes black and I can just hear the music.

My Setup:
ROMS: Bomberman Max 2 - Blue (E) (M3) and Bomberman Max 2 - Red (E) (M3)
Game Code: AMHP and AMYP
Type: GBA
Emulator: VBA-M SVN926
Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit
Processor: 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo

What could be the problem?
If the games have mode7 intro's they may be breaking the boot cycle.
[17:46] Squall, I'm not seeing that problem at all but just to be thorough I'm gonna verify the binaries. (:
[17:51] Verified...
[17:51] Must be a bad ROM.
[17:52] Cuz both worked fine past that point.
[17:52] On MFC 926.
[17:56] Or a bad, well, anything... Either way, that problem isn't happening here.

Looks to be a bad rom.
Just tell us the hashes/CRC checksums of your ROMs to be sure.
Good/verified working E/M3 dump

[02:01] The hashes?
[02:01] AMYP
[02:01] CRC-32: 67d2e5b8
[02:01] MD5: bee56ca47b1f319e27592baf2f053ec9
[02:01] SHA-1: 4d514fe19b59d42be9a118c99e2008efee2aedcb
[02:01] AMHP
[02:01] CRC-32: 09fc4d53
[02:01] MD5: 723ee616e311bd9f8584405637d9128c
[02:01] SHA-1: eb25e28ae1047145fd2cbcc3ecbb63330fbc8fe0
I tested it with a self-compiled SVN938 and everything is working fine with these two games.

I have all settings simple.
Save is EEPROM and is autodetected fine.
BIOS on/off does not matter.
No black screen after language selection.
If I want to play this game what would be better to go with VBA-M or VBA?As with VBA-M the game is going too fast,so would it be better to go with VBA.
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