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Full Version: Run in fullscreen via command line?
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Is there a way to run VBA-M in fullscreen via command line? Because there isn't an option in the GUI to allow it to start in fullscreen and i need to be able to run it in fullscreen for a HTPC without a mouse or keyboard.
the emulator will start in whatever mode you exited in last.

exiting can be done via alt+f4
Certainly doesn't work for me. No matter what, VBA-M always starts out windowed. This is particularly distressing because I need to run it underneath GameLauncher, and GL won't properly load an emulator if it doesn't start out in fullscreen.

Edit: Had to be tricky about it, but I got it to work. I had to alt-esc from the program then close it while it was still nested in the taskbar, otherwise it resets to windowed upon closing. Then I made the appdata ini file read-only, and now I'm good.
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