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Full Version: Unregistered guests cannot see the forum thread list
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If you are an unregistered guest, you can only see one topic in the thread list in each section.
This is because the default cutout period setting for guests and members is to display ONLY threads created or updated in the last 24 hours.

This should be set to display all threads regardless of last update date, by default.
Guests can change it from "Today" to "from the beginning / all".
Registered members can make that setting permanent and the new default, in their userCP.

Visual aid, to change it for specific sections (guests/members):
[Image: vbam.png]

Registered members can change the cutout period from the default of 24 hours to 'show all threads', in their userCP, under 'options'

Visual aid
[Image: vbam2.png]
I actually tried changing that to "From: The beginning" before I registered, and it still only showed me one thread.
After registering, youll have all options on the defaults (different from when you were unlogged and changed the value). The default is still to show only threads created or updated in the last 24 hours.

- To display all threads in only a section (wether youre a guest or a member), use the toggle "from the beginning".
- What you'd want is actually the second option, wich can be set from within your userCP's options, to have all threads displayed regardless of their last update timestamp.
uh.. no, this user has seemed to have discovered a bug in the forum view for guests.
Fixed with 1.6
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