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Full Version: My Java game for University
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I developed a game in Java which will be evaluated by my university. I thought I'd share it with you guys so you see I'm not dead.

[Image: 07-0102126021T.jpg]

It took me a week or two. The one thing I learned from this project is, that wrong initial decisions regarding code architecture will get more and more on your nerves when adding new features. I didn't want to rewrite my game (I'm lazy), so it got worse and worse. Looks like a gigantic hack in end, but it works ^^
Stronger colours would have been better and you shoulda mentioned the game was in german (no problem for me, but it could trouble others) XD
Otherwise though nice game Smile
ewww java.
Looks alright.

Explains why you are never here Tongue
(08-08-2010 02:16 AM)Squall Leonhart Wrote: [ -> ]ewww java.

That's what I thought until I went to college and actually had to use it.

I will download and test it out. Looks cool so far.
Java's not bad; just the environment or actual execution is bogged down.

IIRC the high-level language experience was worth it.
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