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Full Version: When reporting bugs....
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1) Please report the SVN number of the build you're using. If you don't remember which SVN build you're on, at least try to include the build date. Wave Ram (Channel 3) is currently known to be problematic

2) If possible, please test to see if the same issue occurs with the official VBA 1.8 Beta 3 and/or VBA 1.7.3. Our first priority is to integrate our new features with the official 1.8 core. Chasing down bugs in the existing official sources is something we'd like to do as well, but we want to stabilize the things we're adding in first.

3) If reporting video issues, note the rendering method (DirectDraw, Direct3D, OpenGL), options (filters, vsync, triple buffering) and the video card you're using.

Remember, as of this writing, every build of VBA-M that has been released is in an pre-beta state. If you are doing any serious gaming, remember to back up SAVE STATES (.sgm) and SRAM (.sav) files before even touching them with a VBA-M build.

4) Please, always provide a Screenshot of the issue, or if needs be, a .Sav(Battery) or Savestate file.
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