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Full Version: Question about clt format.
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Hey guys-

I run exportcheats.com, and someone pointed out to me recently that something has changed slightly in the code, so I'm curious about the current format. Here's what I understand.

0x00 - 0x0B, version number, code count

20 bytes - code in text
32 bytes - code description
2 bytes - address
2 bytes - ?
1 byte - gs opcode
1 byte - genie flag
2 bytes - ?
compare byte
value byte
enable byte
pad byte

then the file is padded to 0x190B

Can anybody verify this, or perhaps fill in the blanks? And has this always been the format for vba? Thanks.
the format for VBA has not changed in VBA-M (afaik).
There probably wasn't a change, I just had it slightly wrong to begin with. I'm just curious if those other bytes I don't know of are used.

Thanks squall.
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