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Full Version: VBA-M Road Map?
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Hiya. I was just wondering if you guys have a road map with regards to the future development of VBA-M? And if you do would you consider sharing it with the public, at all?

I love my GBA and I love the fact that I can play my games on my laptop with a full size controller. I'd just like to see where the emu's heading... Smile
roadmaps are why emulators die.
Well, is it acceptable for a noob to make suggestions in that case? Smile
you could but, I hate to break it to you, Squall may not listen, give it a shot anyways, who know's.

Considering this was all started from squall egging me on to do something, it didn't really have a roadmap. I honestly never would have thought it would have came so far.

The major issue squall wants me to fix is Unicode support for file handling, thats the main bug atm. From there, it would be nice to rewrite the core. I was working sporadically on a GBX core on and off for some time, too.

Basically the roadmap is to fix what mess there is still. And from there, once things have cleaned up, does it really need additions?
the GB/C cores are fully of bugs, random colour issues, missing text, and colour inversion, some games even hang. It could be an idea to get the win32 stuff fixed up and then tear the cores out and rewrite them as clean as possible.

Not so impossible now that we have the hardware information.
I have to say that I am really impressed by the development of VBA-M. I thought VBA was pretty much dead until I found this gem. Though there is seems to be no roadmap it's great to hear that there is still a desire to refine this project. Smile

It's actually the GB/GBC emulation that I had suggestions for but as it's deemed pretty buggy maybe my thoughts should wait for the future... Just as a FYI, my first suggestion was going to be proper Gameboy Camera and printer emulation. But I see that's probably a little 'pie in the sky' just now. Smile
I really, really want to refine the GBC/GB emulation at this point.

I have been tossing some ideas around my brain to make a new emulator, sublicense its cores for VBA-M, etc....that way, it can benefit from what I research.
GBA emulation is near perfect,... theres the issue with mother 3's music sync of course, but we'd need blargg for working that one out anyway.
Yes, timing for GBC/GB is important too. That needs repairing or a overhaul.
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