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Full Version: VBA-M r1001 [linux SDL and GTK+]
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A new WIP snapshot of VBA-M SVN r1001 is available at sf.net.

The following builds are available as well as a source tarball :
SDL 32bits for Ubuntu 10.10
SDL 64bits for Ubuntu 10.10
GTK+ 32bits for Ubuntu 10.10
GTK+ 64bits for Ubuntu 10.10

New features highlights for the GTK+ port are the following :
- Added support for GBA cheats
- Added RTC support
- Added vba-over.ini support
- Added internationalization support
- Added 7zip support

At the moment we only have translations to English, French an German, but you are welcome to translate VBA-M to your native language online through Transifex.

Many thanks to the contributors who made this update possible.

Stay tuned.
i was about to beat on you about the vba-over file, but its the same as my updated one, barring the # on each name line.

i was worried you'd used a really old one, that lacked the mirroring overrides for classic nes games.
The # allows using Glib's KeyFile parser which means less code and write support. Hopefully the others parsers can cope with them.

I added translation for Spanish 100% complete Wink

btw, this version will be released for Windows too ?
I just want to thank you guys for bringing out one of my favorite game systems for Linux

I recently Uninstalled Windows 7 after a rather annoying DRM and installed Ubuntu Maverik
(And in the process, I unfortunately lost a TON of documents and other Programming stuff)

I'm pretty excited for what you guys have coming for the future
Linux builds still have a shortcoming I see as significant.

Savegames dont get written till the rom or emu is closed. In the eventually of a system crash, you lose the progress altogether.
none of the builds write on change.
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