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Full Version: permissions
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avatar upload : failed (under 100x100 and 10 kbs)

for some reason, my earlier avatar was no longer displayed either, though still registered. folder-perms alright ?

adding attachments doesnt work as well, by the way.
it was like that for everyone...with Bobbi and spdude changing stuff on the servers a lot of stuff broke here aswell. Seems it's all fixed now though.
Yeah, Bobbi and spdude did some backend work on my database to fix it, before I could look at it Smile.

Everything should be fine now.
sorry guys, CHMOD reset after the change for the uploads, backup and avatar directories, all folders are now chmodded back to 777 and shall work fine.
Thanks to Schumi for msging me on msn about it... several times.

It took awhile because my isp caches domains so i was still connecting to the old board.
I only messaged you several times cuz we all know how reliable MSN is and I wanted to be sure you got the message...all I was looking for was some sort of response to tell me I was not sending messages into whatever Wormhole the vast amount of undelivered MSN messages go.
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