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Full Version: Cheat function is not working
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I do not know if any one else is having the problem with the cheat function of the VBA-M, but I am.
The thing is when I play any GameBoy or GameBoy color games, the cheat function only works for a split second then goes back to be disabled. In order to re-enable the cheats again I have to click on remove all cheat from the list and then reload the cheat database to get it to work, however it will work only for a split second again and goes right back to being disabled. The disabled options is unchecked.
I am using SVN r956 for Windows.
The older version of VBA like 1.8.0 the cheats works all the time.
Sorry for sounding noobish, but what does CNR stand for?
In that context, CNR probably means "could not reproduce".
the codes may either be trigger based, or the game is one of the few who uses dynamic memory ranges for values.
Thanks Iconoclast for clearing that up for me.
It looks like I am the only person whom is having this problem. The game uses static address and the code is a constant RAM write.
I uploaded video of the problem in case anybody is interested.

you've byteswapped the Raw memory patch in the cheat manager from C9EC to ECC9, this doesn't work.
The raw memory patch is the actual gameshark code and it is not byte swapped. Everything in RAM view is byte swapped and it should not be but it is. These gameshark codes works all the time in VBA 1.8.0 Beta.
I have uploaded another video with the actual GS codes and the byte swapped code in action.

This should show more of the problem I am having.
I reproduced this in Pokemon Red,

the fix is to load then save the clt file, it should work properly on subsequent starts.
didn't work for me. Oh well, I guess for these type of game, I will have to stick with the 1.8.0 Beta for the cheat to work. It works well for GBA games though.
Thank you so much for trying. Perhaps a case could be open for this in sourceforge.net?
no need, this looks like the same thing

I had the problem myself but It turned out that it was on "disable mode" and if you uncheck it all cheats are enabled.
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