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Full Version: Downloads once again available
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Our downloads section had to be disabled some time back because MKPortal was uploading the files to users incorrectly. We've also had some bugs present on the forum in regards to downloads.

I've rewritten the appropriate code within MKPortal and MyBB to send files to users properly. Not only do downloads work correctly now, they can also be handled by download managers, and resumed if the download got interrupted. You might also notice an improved download rate when downloading files.

Now our downloads section is back, and we will continue to post new VBA-M builds there.
yay Big Grin
Yay x2 Big Grin
Hmm.. where is this Download section? the link on top that saying "Downloads" is linked to sourceforge (which never had any problem as i remember)
adamn, check the developer discussion board when you next get a chance.
OK, so how come there aren't any new ones? Angel
(08-10-2011 11:45 PM)ExtremeDude2 Wrote: [ -> ]OK, so how come there aren't any new ones? Angel
I've upload windows binary of svn1030 w/ a little mod i made for gb/gbc/gba linking Smile

It also have a working throttle(atleast w/ xaudio2/OpenAL) and auto-frameskipping, so you can combine them w/ audiosync if you want to get a smooth slowdown/fastened sound and visuals.

let me know if you see bugs, i don't know whether i broke something with the mess i made in the source code ^_^

PS: i only do TCP/IP linking, so single computer mode might not works, GBA can do single comp mode because the code was already there.
Also, when auto-frameskip enabled, frameskip selection will behave as a cap for the max frames that can be skipped
We need more 64-bit Big Grin
64bit will not be happening
why do you need 64bit.
pray, tell.
(08-15-2011 11:57 AM)mudlord Wrote: [ -> ]why do you need 64bit.
pray, tell.

I thought it would be faster, but from the sounds of it...I was wrong Sad
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